Daily Prompt: S/he Said

Oh to be young without any major cares in the world. What was my 13 year old daughter thinking about? Not about our extremely tight budget or if she will have anything in her lunch next week, not about the bills and bills collectors, not about whether we’ll have enough gas to last till pay day on Wednesday, not about anything as serious or stressful as that…thank goodness. If only I could go back to such a simple time. A time when a bad hair day was the definition of whether my day would be good or bad. She was just thinking about how cute Kyle from FTSK (a band) is. She got all flushed and grinned from ear to ear when she told me. How cute and innocent is that. I hope she can keep her sweet innocent youth as long as possible.


Silver Lining

Perhaps we’ve put it out to the universe one too many times that our kids are gadget addicts and the universe offered to help us out by sending us financial hardship and an unpaid internet bill. It’s been 4 days now with no internet, no satellite and no landline.
The landline is really no big deal since I have no friends and lately the only people who call are bill collectors. I don’t miss the TV either, except they had to shut us down Wednesday morning and I didn’t get to see Survivor. TV seemed to be a consumer of my time. I’m kind of glad we don’t have 200 channels to waste our days on.
We are finding so many fun things to do together. Today we took Charlie for a walk down to the corner and back…that’s a big deal since our corner is a 45 minute walk from our house. The sun was shining and we talked to each other the whole time. It was lovely.
I however find myself in withdrawal from the internet. I can only imagine what kind of withdrawl the kids are dealing with. I find that I am just as hooked. Perhaps I didn’t notice before or perhaps I thought that my time on the internet wasn’t wasted time like theirs. I was researching, I was learning, I was reading. They were wasting away their youth on YouTube. 
I thought they should be outside playing…it never occurred to me that I should be outside playing. I thought they should be spending their time more wisely….Pinterest anyone?
So even though things have gone from bad to worse and this coming week will be a real culinary challenge with empty cupboards, we have been blessed with an opportunity to reconnect with each other, nature and ourselves.
There truly is a silver lining in every situation you just have to look for it….sometimes it is very well camouflaged.


So last night I had a very tiring sleep. It felt like I was on the go all night. Here is what I remember.

I was on a train…a train that I have dreamt about being on before. It was an old steam-style train with lots of ornate woodwork. I was sitting in the first car behind the engine car with my family. It was very fancy. I got up and walked down a staircase to the engine room (don’t know why). There was no conductor. I remember seeing a beautiful control panel with lots of dials and brass and above the panel was huge windows. We travelled down hills and around corners… all underground. While still underground we went through tunnels. The openings of the tunnels were surrounded by large carved stones. I thought that Brandon would enjoy seeing the view but just as I was turning around to call to him we pulled up to a station and slowed down. I returned to our car and we got ready to go. Before we could leave our car we had to walk through a lobby area on the train. An older gentleman was talking about the history of the train and the furniture. In the lobby there were a lot of antique chairs, side tables with lamps on them and area rugs…as well as lots of ornate wood trim. It was very opulent. We got off the train onto a station platform which happened to be our hotel lobby. As we got organized a voice on the PA announced an excursion that we all seemed interested in going on but as I looked down to get my bag I noticed that I didn’t have any shoes on. I had no idea where they were or if I had them on at all. I knew I couldn’t on the excursion without shoes. I looked around and saw a pile of shoes on the ground in front of some ladies who were sitting on benches which formed a half circle around the shoes. I walked over and began to look through the shoes hoping that mine might be in there. One of the ladies stood up and said that my feet looked about her size and that I could use her shoes for the excursion. I declined and told her that I couldn’t take her shoes…she might need them. She said that she would only be sitting on the bench and would not have any use for them. I thanked her and as she passed me the first shoe I looked down and my old black Sketchers were on my feet. I felt foolish and surprised. I thanked the lady for the offer but told her that I had found my own shoes. I thanked her again and turned to join my family. As we walked back through the station/lobby I passed two youngish (younger than me) girls who were talking to each other and knocking a very young infant on the top of his head. The baby was making noise. I stopped to mention that they really shouldn’t be knocking the child on the head since babies usually have a soft spot when they are born. The girl who was holding the baby and knocking on his head just laughed and said that he liked it and that he had a tin plate in his head. So she showed me how when she knocked on the back of his head he cried and when she knocked on the top of his head he laughed. I thought this was still very strange but turned to find my family. As I looked I met eyes with another lady with a big hat and she just shrugged….I woke up.

Any thoughts on meaning?

Best interest of the children…?

OK so the teachers are “protesting” against the government who wants to make the education of our children…the future of civilization, an essential service and thus preventing teachers from striking in the future. They had a “protest” day all organized for January 11. They figured that by calling it a protest day that they could work around the legislation and call on their right for peaceful assembly found in our charter of Rights and Freedoms. They called parents and asked them to make alternate childcare arrangements, they told the kids that they would have the day off and my daughter was even told that if she showed up for school she would be given “tons of work to do”. At 4am they changed their mind…after many parents already had alternate childcare in place or already booked the time off work. I didn’t find out about it until after 8 am.

I understand that they would be upset about an agreement that was reached years ago regarding sick days…but times change and agreements change. We can no longer afford to payout exorbitant amounts for unused cumulative sick days. Someone teaching their entire career could accumulate a years worth of pay in unused sick time. There is no place on earth that lets you do that…if I’m wrong PLEASE correct me. It’s ludicrous to think that in today’s economy that such an agreement could go unchanged. I understand the teachers lament if the government is taking back already accumulated days. I think if the teachers have accumulated sick days before the new rules they should still be valid but going forward they should be cancelled. I don’t know how it was decided and if anyone knows please share.

Shouldn’t it be an honor to know that the career path that YOU chose turned out to be such an important piece in civilization that the government recognizes it as such? Don’t teachers choose to become teachers because they are driven to inspire and educate? Don’t teachers realize that teaching has never been a glamorous job? Don’t teachers realize that it’s hard work? Are they not telling teachers this at teacher’s college? Too much work? Really?

As it stands right now teachers are not participating anything extracurricular.  Kids are really being hurt by this. No sports, no activities, no clubs. They are telling the children that they aren’t allowed to. I feel that this is an outright lie. They are able to, they choose not to. They choose to support their union and put the children third behind the union wishes and their own self-interests.

So they work 6 hours? I am guessing right now but this is how perceive it from my kid’s school. Perhaps the teachers start at 7:00 (might be a little generous as school starts at 8:15), they have 2 forty minute breaks, and their day ends at 2:30. Seven and a half hour day and they are required to teach for 194 days, two of which are designated as development days and up to ten days are designated as instructional days or exam days. Looks like roughly 1261 hours per year. An average person working full-time works roughly 2018 hours per year. That’s a difference of 757 hours. So let’s assume that teachers spend 2 hours per day prepping and marking and another  2 hours per day on the weekend that  would bring them up another 532 hours still short of the average full-time workers hours.

But that’s not what I don’t get….good for them for having the forethought to get into such a secure and well-paid profession. Perhaps that’s the reason for the career path decision. That’s the thing I don’t get.

Aren’t teachers supposed to be in it for the kids? Aren’t they supposed to be inspired every day to change a life? The teacher that I remember the most that inspired me the most was Ms Vis. She had just returned from teaching in Africa. She shared with us stories of her hardship of the hardships of families there. She shared with us the blessing that we take for granted in Canada. We get to be educated and teachers get to teach without threat. She chose to teach for the right reasons and she made a difference. If teaching is truly a calling for someone then fighting over great wages, awesome hours and exceptional benefits (that they currently have) wouldn’t be a priority… the children would.

Back in the day we were taught in the classroom…not at home. We learned keyboarding skills…not one finger typing…we learned cursive writing….not printing…I can sign my name ask any child under the age of 16 to do that….we learned to multiply, add, subtract and divide without calculators…we learned to tie our shoes in kindergarten… supply list required Velcro shoes…we learned Canadian geography, who the prime minister was, Canadian history….my kids were consumed with US politics. When asked why these things weren’t being taught I was told that it was dropped from the curriculum. If I wanted my kids to know these things I would have to teach them myself.

So let’s say I was still at my old 9 to 5 job. I’m up at 5 to make lunches and breakfast review homework and get everyone off on the school bus. I drive in 35 minutes to my job. I start at 9. I’m on my feet all day..usually in heels and a suit( teacher dress code has gone to shit as well) …I deal with irate complainers for 7.5 hours per day and keep a smile on my face the whole time…I have 1 hour for lunch which is unpaid…I’m supposed to finish at 5:30 but 95% of the time I don’t leave till 6. I then drive home and pick up my husband on the way. We get home close to 7 and then need to prepare and eat dinner. While my husband cooks I help the kids with any homework that they didn’t understand. More often than not I hear “We didn’t even do that in class” So then I go through the text book….make a quick lesson plan and teach my child how to do the assignment. Bedtime is targeted for 8 but they are never in bed before 9. So rather than spending quality time with the kids playing or reading or being outside, I am teaching them. I am not a teacher. I make way less than a teacher does and work way more.

Shouldn’t teachers want to teach and stop complaining? I don’t get it.

Life Transformation

So I signed up  yesterday for a life transformation contest. I was totally pumped up to get things done… yesterday. Today I just can’t find the motivation. They recommended writing out my goals. Well I spent all morning making lists. I set my health goal to stop smoking…I like to smoke… I know it’s bad and all that.. but I just can’t envision that one happening. Smoking is such a social activity. Even if you are a non-smoker and you are standing near a smoker, the smoker will 9 times out of 10 start a conversation. Non-smokers won’t do that. Also I find that it is my great escape. 10 minutes of peace away from work, the kids, chores or whatever. I don’t think a list or a breakdown of a list will help with this one. My other goal involved my wealth… or lack thereof. I want to get my ETSY site up and running and book a spot at the area flea market. I need to get on making my product but I’m exhausted from making all my lists. I think I’ll just take a nap and maybe I will be able to take a refreshed look at things in about an hour.

2012 Year of change.

Wow what a year! Just about everything in my life has changed since last year. Here is my top 10 changes of 2012.

1. I reconciled with my husband who hit rock bottom and stopped drinking. His drinking was ripping our family apart and in 2011 after 12 years of denial and settling I had hit my limit. I couldn’t do it anymore and we separated for 5 months. During this time we spoke with therapists and councellors. We went on dates. He quit drinking (with a few setbacks) and we found our way back to each other. I however had a very difficult time accepting the fact that he is an alcoholic. I was so deep in denial because I felt so guilty about staying, about putting my children through it. I was so engulfed in the guilt that led me to # 4 on my list. We are doing much better now. We still have a difficult time communicating mostly because we tend to slip into our old way of talking to one another. He has so much more patience now with the kids and me. Things are so much calmer around here now. Almost peaceful…work in progress.

2. We moved into a new house which we purchased. Our first purchase. We moved from a rental just 10 min from the big city to a beautiful home with a large yard 30 min from the big city. My girl hates it out here. Nothing to do. She complains daily about not having anyone to play with and not being able to drive in every weekend to see her old friends. The boy doesn’t seem to care as much. There are boys next door for him to play with when the rare notion hits him to go outside and play. It’s so peaceful and quiet out here. The stars at night are neverending. It’s absolutely beautiful. We have more than enough space to not be in each other’s feet. I love it but I am completely isolated. Not working and not having any friends really makes it difficult some days.

3. I left work to become a stay at home mom. Before we moved I worked at a major bank. After we moved I tried to make things work with the extra 20 minute commute. I loved my job and really didn’t want to leave. My co-workers were the best that anyone could ask for. However my children needed me at home. My boy was just coming out of a “special” school for children with behaviour issues, we had just moved(and he doesn’t like change), he was starting a new school, and he would be alone with his sister for 2.5 hours a day until I got home from work. My daughter, even though she took the babysitters training course, couldn’t handle him for that long and she had her own stress going on as well. I just couldn’t handle the phone calls at work with them screaming on the other end. I asked at work if I could go part time or just shorten my hours but I was told that the hours would be getting extended to evenings and weekends and that if I wanted to keep my position I would have to work something out. I had to choose my kids. Even though I loved my job and the people my family came first. Financially it was a giant hit, but I needed to make sure my family was taken care of.

4.I battled a severe case of depression. So the move, the lack of friends, no extended family nearby, no job, no money, guilt from #1, weight gain, extra household chores that were expected, and my lack of purpose during the day… every day… sent me spiralling into a nasty depression. I remember crying for hours. Just sitting and crying. Literally doing nothing else… just sitting. I would go days without eating and then go days eating everything I could get my hands on. I would start things and then just leave them. I was so deeply sad. I really don’t ever want to go back to that place.

5.I tried to “find” myself and am still looking. I spent alot of time this year on self-help websites. I was trying to find someone to tell me that I was ok. I was looking for some kind of validation for my life. I researched alot about alot of things. The thing that made to most sense to me was “You can’t do anything unless you do something”. So I started blogging… I’m sorting alot out through writing and continually finding myself.

6.We got a puppy. OMG what were we thinking? He is absolutely adorable and I love him to bits but what a handful. He does keep me company and busy during the day. We always told the kids that we couldn’t get a dog while we were renting and so when we bought the house they called us on it. He really is a good dog. Potty training was a breeze, he listens very well in the house. He does like to chew things and wander when he’s outside. But all in all he is a very welcome addition to the family.

7. I gained weight and now need to adjust my lifestyle in order to fit back into my clothing. Nothing fits me anymore. I went from being on my feet all day to well not being on my feet all day. I am getting soft and lumpy. It is really making me sad. It was a major player in my depression but now I have 3 pairs of pants that fit and the winter sweaters can hide the rest of it. Silver lining? My boobs are much bigger… a whole cup size. However I know that when I lose the weight I will also lose them. Sorry husband.

8. My daughter is now a woman…hopefully I’m not quite as high maintenance as she is every month. She was a drama queen already and now it is completely unbearable around here once a month. Every symptom gets broadcast to the household as it happens, every insignificant event that occurs gets blown up into monstrous proportions, every time her brother or father look her way she loses her mind. Wow it really is a crazy time…one week and then calm…like nothing happened.

9. I started blogging. I started just to start. I was challenged to do something by Leo Babauta . He provided the link and said do it. So I did. I was just emerging from my depression and I thought what could it hurt? At the time the 1000 work challenge was on and I wrote. I really enjoyed it and have sporadically written ever since. I do write alot without publishing and I find that the thought that is required to put feelings into writing really helps to put everything into perspective.

10. Totally poor. Buying a house and reducing the household income is not something I would recommend to anyone. With Christmas coming next week we are really feeling the pinch. The mortgage and bills don’t take time off for Christmas. Then we find out that we need a new oil tank and that the oil company will not fill our old one because they say it’s too old…more to that story… and we’re expecting my family next week for Christmas. So food bills will go up, hydro will go up because of the heaters, needing to get gifts… little stressed. Silver lining? I made everyone one home made gift this year and they all turned out amazing!!!

So with 2012 all done I am looking forward to alot of new beginnings in 2013. New career? New relationship with my husband? New relationships with my kids? New friends? New opportunities and adventures. Can’t wait!!

100 Things

1. I hate the cold. I hate being cold. I was supposed to be born somewhere that’s always warm I think. I hate the cold.

2. I love nature. I love trees, grass, flowers, watching the birds fly and the animals roam. I love viewing nature from my nice warm sunroom. I hate the cold.

3. I love bonfires and camping but I hate bugs…not all bugs just the kind that bite and buzz in my ears.

4. I am a mother of three wonderful children who make my heart sing and break, sometimes simultaneously.

5. I am a wife to a wonderful man who is fighting his own demons right now. These demons have allowed me to reflect on my life and my own inner peace and strength. His demons have empowered me and I am grateful for that.

6. I am currently unemployed, by choice, to be here for my children. They mean the world to me and I am grateful for them.

7. I have no friends.

8. I am very creative and my mind is always racing with new ideas for redecorating, crafting, improving. Sometimes it’s overwhelming.

9. We have three pets, a Persian-Maine Coon mix cat named Leo, a Chinese Water Dragon named Stubby and a Great Pyrenees with no name yet. We just can’t come to a consensus. GOT A NAME… CHARLIE. named Nov 23.

10. I love birthday parties. I love planning them. I love organizing them. I love having them.

11. I love holidays. I love decorating for the holidays. I love the excitement of them. I love to make them special.

12. I don’t mind mess. A counter of dirty dishes doesn’t bother me. They will still be there in an hour or the next morning but my children will only be demanding of my time for such a short time.

13. Lately I have been sad more often than happy.

14. I recently read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Loved it!! Some great insights. I just now found out that our new nameless puppy also loves it and has chewed the spine a little…bad puppy.

15. I love Ellen!!

16. I saw Ozzy, Green Day and Prince in concert (not together, but that would have definitely been an unforgettable concert.. no?).

17. Wanted to very badly see Madonna but it sold out in minutes. I was sad about that.

18. The Morning Hot Tub always makes me smile even when I don’t feel like smiling.

19. I love the sun. Every cell in my body misses it over the winter. Again..born in a warmer climate would have been good.

20. I drive a red bitchmobile. My car was keyed in my driveway by some kids almost a year ago. The etched the word bitch into the driver side door. It wasn’t personal (in case you might think that I am) because other vehicles were also hit the same night. So when I’m driving around I smile and wave at people. What can you do? When I called it in to the police I told the officer that it was at least spelled correctly…kudos to the public school system.

21. I woke up last November 4 and couldn’t move my shoulder. It’s been acting up ever since. Went to a chiropractor, massage therapist..didn’t work. Don’t know what happened or why. Still have some difficulty reaching over my head.

22. Since leaving work I no longer wear makeup and find that it’s a real pain to do so. (I really should wear some though)

23. I love coffee and Coke Cola.

24. I like to sit on the bus and go nowhere. People fascinate me and I like to try to figure out their stories.

25. I hate shopping. Get what I need and get out.

26. Love the idea of Santa. Not the commercialism that comes with him but rather the love and joy that he brings. The faces of the children that look so full of hope and wonder when they see him. (if they’re past the utter fear of him stage) The excitement that that one special gift from Santa brings. Back to a simpler Christmas before this stupid age of entitlement came to be. My kids are no exception I might add. Wishing I could go back.

27. I wear size 7.5 shoes. I love shoes but really have absolutely no reason to wear anything but runners anymore.

28. I rarely laugh out loud. I smile at jokes. It has to be really funny or I need to be just the right amount of overtired to actually laugh out loud.

29. I don’t like getting fresh-cut flowers. Whitney summed it up perfectly when she received flowers from her man. “I said that I think it’s weird that men show women affection by ripping something beautiful out of the ground and making them watch it die very slowly.”

30. Dr. Seuss is inspirational.

31. India is my dream destination.

32.I have no patience for stupid people. Not people who are learning something new or who have legitimate developmental issues, for those people I have tons of patience. Others have commented on how they wouldn’t have the patience to teach or train new employees after watching me do it. I love teaching. I love seeing the face change when your pupil finally “gets” it. I have no patience for stupid people…those lacking common sense and courtesy. I have to walk away.

33. So proud of my daughter for getting 97% on an English test. That is so very amazing. Not just because it is an awesome mark but because she is so proud of it. Growing up I got 97 and 98 on math tests and I remember my mother saying that I could have done better. Just imagine what you could have done if you had studied. Really?? I am proud of her because she is proud of herself.

34. I like to watch Survivor. The only reality based program I like. Sometimes I’ll watch Hell’s kitchen or Property Brothers but I don’t mind if I miss an episode or 10. My daughter has me watching The Voice. Love the banter between Adam and Blake.

35. I love homemade thoughtful gifts over store-bought.

36. It’s been months since I’ve looked at myself in the mirror.  The last time I did an old, sad, puffy-eyed person was looking back. I’m afraid she’s still there.

37. I enjoy psychics and psychic readings.

38. I am currently reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.

39. Still working on redecorating my son’s room. He wants a submarine room. Been working on it for about 3 months now. 2 months of that I was consumed with depression, just getting back at it recently. Hard to do with extremely limited funds.

40. I suck at video games… well not all video games just the ones that you have to race, fight or shoot. I’m good at trivia, collapse, tetrus and wheel of fortune.

41. It bothers me that my children were completely enraptured with the US election and neither of them knew who our Prime Minister is. Yay public school.

42. My husband is an employment counsellor working with exiting military, people on disability and social assistance. His workshops are always full and he is in high demand. (did I mention I am unemployed?)

43. I live in a mainly French community. It’s about 60/40 here. I don’t speak French. I went to the employment office to check for postings and the girl told me “We have postings off to the side for you people”. Literally what she said to me. “You” people….CRAZY!!!

44. Just got a learn to speak French program.

45. Participated in the Santa Claus Parade with my son. It was freezing!!! Did I mention that I hate the cold??

46. Stressed about Christmas and the lack of funds.

47. I enjoy baking.

48. My fingernails grow very long in the summer but break off every winter. They don’t like the cold either.

49. I love anything shiny or glittery.

50. I love jewelry. But not the real stuff. I love costume jewelry. I can’t wrap my mind around spending so much money on something so frivolous. I have tons of costume jewelry.

51. Half way done. I didn’t think it would be so difficult to come up with 100 things to say about myself. This is really difficult.

52. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis.

53. I am a blood donor…however I am never able to fill a bag because my blood is extremely slow. The blood takers often need to unhook me before I’m done because the blood that I did give would start to clot.

54. I am 5′ 3″ on a good day and I don’t believe in scales so I have no idea how much I weigh. I fit my clothes and am happy (for the most part) with my size. I do have a couple of areas that I would like to get back to where it once was but I am in my 40’s now.

55. Growing up I went to church 4 times a week. Sunday School, Awana Girls, Youth group and Bible study.

56. I put my Christmas tree up October 1st. We decorate it for Halloween. Take those decorations down on Nov. 1. Put up the Christmas lights Nov.12 and the Christmas decorations on Dec. 1.

57. I married an atheist.

58. Ngange is what we called my grandmother.

59. My younger sister died from Leukemia one day after her 20th birthday.

60. I think I’ve spoken to my birth father 7 times in my entire life.

61. The man who raised me is my Dad.

62. I think organized religion is based on fear and power. I believe that all people have a right to embrace their own beliefs without fear. Without pushing their beliefs on others but living all the good parts of their chosen beliefs. Every organized religion has goodness but it is often forgotten in an attempt to convert others. “Practice what you preach” is often not practiced.

63. Flashing clocks that haven’t been set bother me.

64. I never change the clock in my car when the clocks go back and forward in the spring and fall.

65. I love crafting. Especially recycled crafts. Taking something old or used and making it into something new really gets my juices flowing.

66. I hate parent/teacher meetings. They never say anything of any use to anyone. If my child is having trouble they tell me he’s having trouble…I already know that. Then they recite a list of examples of the trouble he’s having. They have no solutions, no suggestions. Really? What a waste of time.

67. I believe that unions are only helpful to jobs that require danger pay. The rest of the time they just protect the lazy.

68. My daughter is gluten-free. Making lunches for her is a real pain-in-the-bottom.

69. Tried to move my couch to the basement and it was too big. Now I have two large holes in my wall and my  mother is coming for Christmas.

70. I love to get mail.Real mail. In my mailbox mail. Delivered by a real person mail.

71. I hate the smell of sesame oil. It turns my stomach.

72. Perfume makes me gag. Literally. I have actually thrown up from other people’s excessive smell.

73. I hate spit. I hate thinking about spit, I hate the sounds associated with spitting. I am gagging as I write this.

74. I don’t fit in anywhere. I am too dark to be white but to white to be native. My mother is Scottish, blond and fair. My birth father is Native, dark-skinned. In school I was the jiggaboo on several occasions and at the annual pow wows I was the whitey. An outsider everywhere.

75. My children may have some surprises in their future with Chinese and Grand Cayman in their father’s history. Can’t wait to see my grandchildren. Actually I can wait… lots of time… no rush my 13-year-old girl…no rush at all.

76. I have a fear of finishing things. All things that I do have one small tiny thing left unfinished. I feel that once something is finished then I’m done with it (or perhaps it’s done with me). I have a really big problem with letting things go.

77. I do not watch the news because it’s always so depressing but the world always lets me know what’s going on out there even when I expressly say I don’t want to hear about it. Perhaps the people who insist on informing me are trying to make sense of it all for themselves more than taking the opportunity to inform me.

78. I hate to drive at night and I hate driving in the rain. I REALLY hate driving when it’s dark AND raining.

79. Growing up I had aspirations to act.

80. I NEED my quiet hour in the morning before everyone else wakes up  I wake them up. Up at 5 every morning except Sat and Sun, which kind of messes me up because usually everyone is getting up at the same time.

81. I love to shovel the driveway. I find it peaceful and cathartic.

82. I am not anti-reincarnation.

83. I want to start a crafty blog…maybe in 2013.

84. I do tend to procrastinate.

85. I dye my hair. I found my first three grey hairs on my 20th birthday. What a great gift!!

86. I started smoking when I was 21. I quit for 3 months once, increased 2 dress sizes and my garden looked like crap because I had no reason to go outside. I smoke for the flowers…lol.

87. I don’t get along well with girls. Growing up my best friends have always been male.

88. I prefer to do paperwork over dealing with the public…even though the job I excelled at was the other way around.

89. I hate the taste of milk.

90. I am usually overdressed for every occasion because I LOVE to dress up.

91. My favourite movie is The Wizard of Oz.

92. I love Amethysts and Emeralds.

93. I LOVE to go to garage sales, flea markets, pawn shops and auctions.

94. I love to lay in sun and bake. I especially love to lay on a sandy beach and bake.

95. I don’t  like spas, massages, manis or pedis. I don’t enjoy strangers touching me for money.

96. I don’t trust hairdressers. I dye and cut my own hair.

97. I don’t enjoy skiing. I would rather sit in the Chalet next to the fire. I HATE the cold!!!

98. I was a member of the 155 Air Cadet Squadron when I was a teenager.

99. In high school I was on Student Council, member of the pep squad, Drama club, and Cheer leader.

100. I am working towards making peace in my life and surrounding myself in happiness. Wish me luck!!